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Organic-based because pure nature The biochemicals acetic acid, furfural and magnesium lignosulfonate produced by the Lenzing Group in its biorefinery have now been awarded the Biobased Product Label by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). This well-known certification is further official proof that the products of the Lenzing Group are 100 percent derived from the natural and renewable resource wood. Responsible handling of nature "Lenzing stands for a responsible approach to nature. That's why we use 100 percent of the resource wood from the core to the bark – as pulp, as bioenergy and as biochemicals such as acetic acid," explains Lenzing CEO Stefan Doboczky. "For this reason, we are very pleased that our pioneering role in sustainability is being recognized worldwide," says Doboczky. The Lenzing Group manufactures fiber pulp at its sites in Lenzing and Paskov (Czech Republic). In a cascade use, all valuable raw materials are extracted from the wood. Acetic acid is produced in pulp from beech wood, is recovered in several process steps and processed into high-quality, edible acetic acid for the food industry, among others. Furfural is a product that is used, for example, as a solvent in lubricating oil refining. Magnesium lignosulfonate is found in animal feed or fertilizers. With this award, Lenzing once again underlines its very high ecological standards. A few months ago, Lenzing Modal® fibers and Lenzing viscose® fibers including all subtypes were also awarded the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label. The particularly environmentally friendly TENCEL ® fibre has been certified as bio-based since 2011. BioPreferred Program The certification of bio-based products is part of the BioPreferred program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It is intended to encourage state institutions and companies to buy products that are bio-based or largely made of biological materials.