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Dogs of 6th and DevoyDogs of 6th and Devoy - Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dogs of 6th and Devoy Mural under construction

Would you like your dog in this mural?

there is room for 25 dogs. so far I have 8 growing on it, and 3 cats

If you live on 6th or Devoy or anywhere in the surrounding area, please send your favourite photo of your dog for entry so your dog can have a place on the fence. The plan is to have one to three dogs on each panel.

The entrance fee is $50 per dog (or a donation of any amount) to help cover cost of materials. Donations of any amount can also be made as the net profits will be donated to local dog charities.

For more information call the artist at 604 527 9976604 527 9976 or email at    and read more about it on at  under announcement

Pet portraits - Sunday, November 01, 2015

Pet portraits from Krachelart

“My favourite animal subjects are the dog and the cat.

When I create a painting of a pet I often work from  photographs of the animal.

I like to meet the animal to see into the eyes and capture the soul in my painting.”

For  an appointment call 604 527 9976604 527 9976

Or 604 329 0763604 329 0763

see pet portraits on this site

for other pet art go to  pet artistans, and to join our growing pet membership club go to  bowwowwowmeow


                                                    Margaret Halsey

Deception among Friends - Saturday, October 01, 2011

The cover page was created by M Halsey
Click the book cover to read excerpts from the novel Deception Among Friends.