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NEW BOOK: Deception among Friends by KMRachel now available.


“Deception among Friends.”  By KM Rachel can now be purchased at Duthie Book on 4th in Vancouver, Black Bond Books in New Westminster, Village Books in Fairhaven (Bellingham) Washington or from the publisher Karmen M Publishing.

This is the author’s first book. She was inspired to write it by a feeling she had of being followed. The book came together easily for her leading itself to its end.


“A woman thinks she is being followed. A body is found in the ravine. Chance meetings are not as they seem. A package hidden is revealed. A child is kidnapped. A woman's body is discovered in a hotel room, drowned in the tub. Organized crime is hidden and uncovered.


An interesting parade of characters collides and mingles in a series of events loosely linked together. Secrets are revealed. Friendships are tested.


The book is somewhat of a mini soap opera. It combines romance, sexual fantasy and reality, friendship, violence, suspense and mystery with a touch of humour”

The author has created an interesting web of characters and stories that keep the reader on their toes through the pages of this intriguing and entertaining book. 

“K M Rachel” is the author’s pen name.



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